About Ramon & Contact

“My mission? To create effective and great looking communication

My studies graphic design, multimedia and communication at the CIBAP Institute in The Netherlands and especially all different kinds of projects in the work field, have brought me much experience and challenged me to continuously develop my skills: creativity, technical knowledge, and communication. But I’ve always had a deep passion to create beauty and balance. To turn disarray into coherence and transform raw ideas into something clear and efficient.

I am always curious about my client’s vision, the initial idea and I love the journey of together shaping this into effective communication that connects to the target group, through the use of various media.

To find out in which way I can contribute to the realization of your idea or if you would like to meet for a chat, feel free to contact me.

awardBest Student Award

Back when graduated at the CIBAP Institute for Design and Communication in The Netherlands, I received the honorable award for most outstanding student of the year.

“Ramon’s creations are very complex and beautiful. He is determined and not afraid to aim for seemingly impossible goals. His work is well thought through and correct in every detail. During his time here Ramon has become a real winner in both creativity and technical skill. He was the often-requested all-rounder to help out his fellow students. He is so far advanced in knowledge and skills that in this regard he could easily take our place as teachers. There isn’t much more we could tell him. For these reasons Ramon is the real number one.

– Chairman of the educational team at the CIBAP Institute


  • creative strategies
  • corporate branding
  • promotion campaigns
  • decor & interior consultancy

and development and realization of:

  • no-nonsense websites
  • brochures & magazines
  • flyers & posters
  • presentations
  • mailings
  • advertisement (online & offline)
  • video & sound clips